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Regain Control Of Your Monthly Energy Usage

At Cloud Clean Energy, we’re all about saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. By tracking your power usage on a day to day and minute by minute basis, we can identify all energy usage, especially high usage events related to your business plant and equipment, allowing you to regain control of your monthly energy expenditure and to take measures to reduce costs and consumption. Gain access to your valuable energy data via your custom Net Zero Tracking Dashboard allowing you to optimise consumption and take advantage of lower ToU tariffs plus identify where other energy saving changes can be made.

Ready To Reduce Your Power Bills?

– We Service Australia Wide –

Clever Power Tracking Technology 

There’s essentially two parts to our energy tracking system.

1. Physical Energy Tracking Meters & Sensors | These are professionally installed by our fully trained technicians. Monitors are installed at every work site you wish to track, plus any high energy machinery too.

2. Dashboard Software
| You’ll gain access to your own customer Net Zero Tracking Dashboard, allowing you to physically track and control how your energy is used. Control your energy usage remotely from anywhere via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Energy Tracking Benefits

Choose From Manual Control Or Automated Efficiency

Identify Faulty Equipment

Energy leaks can happen anywhere, including faulty equipment that often causes energy spikes. Whether this be a cold room, HVAC system, manufacturing equipment, security system or simply lighting, it’s better to address these before they impact your bottom line any further.

Track Unusual Energy Usage

Does one work site use more energy than others? Is there a particular work crew that spends more power than others? Via your custom Net Zero Dashboard, leverage our powerful automation functionality and avoid Peak Tariffs by turning off or switching to a more cost effective energy source.

Control Your Solar

Never assume that your solar is set-up to be its most efficient.Monitor your solar production, manually allocate excess to charge storage batteries, run additional loads, export to the grid and more. Imagine saving even more from a powersource that’s already considered “Free”

Shared Community Energy

Share energy across your business premises, or to your homes, within the Shared Community Energy network. Donate spare energy to a charity of your choice. The possibilities are endless in the Renewable Energy space.

Ready To Become An Energy Smart Business?

Scale Your Savings – Franchises & Multiple Premises

Cloud Clean Energy is Australia Wide.

Ideal for multi-site businesses, our advanced energy monitoring system is ideal for franchises, restaurant & fast food chains, satellite offices and retail outlets. Not only does it allow you to identify your energy wastage, it can also hold each site more accountable with their energy usage.

Full Energy Accountability At
Every Store, Shop, Warehouse or Plant

If Time Is Money, So Is Energy

As Every Dollar Counts, So Does Every Kilowatt You Spend

We’d assume, as a profit-focused business, that you pay attention to your detailed financial figures allowing you to make better financial decisions. Why should your energy expenditure be any different?!

Believe it or not, almost every business, around the Country, are obviously wasting energy, and therefore money. Every hour, there’s inefficient or faulty equipment, poor allocation of energy resources and energy-ignorant staff.

Our system allows you track, analyse and then manage your energy usage with as much detail as you would your business finances. Imagine being able to control the energy source, tariff or hours of operation so that you can take advantage of different tariffs and therefore savings. Depending on the scale of your operation, this could equate to $1000’s if not $10,000’s every single year.

Ideal for Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Office Spaces

Who Are Clean Cloud Energy

We’re an energy technology company focused on liberating Australian businesses from avoidable energy wastage and rising electricity costs allowing you to make data based decisions about your energy consumption and production. Through smart power monitoring devices and clever tracking software plus our data based dashboard for user friendly energy analysis, Clean Cloud Energy are all about saving you and the planet. One KW at a time.

Interested In Leveraging
The Power Of Renewable Energy,
and moving into Net Zero territory?